Well Hello World!! Surprised to see me? Don’t worry, so am I. I really never expected to make it here, wherever “here” is. Seriously, where is all this stored? The Cloud? Hmm… Sounds suspicious. Oh well, whatever.

So why are you all reading my thoughts? Am I that special? Don’t y’all have your own lives to live? Okay, awesome. I’ve been bored too. In fact, I am bored right now, that’s why I have taken on this crazy adventure known as BLOGGING!!! So get ready for a whirlwind of opinions, randomness, awesomeness, and crazy because that’s what I’m made of, forget the sugar and spice!

I am writing this right after the 2017 Trump Inauguration so things are a bit crazy right now to say the least. Are we heading towards a “Hunger Games” type dystopia?  Or an Orwellian one? Or perhaps can we hope for some good to come of all this? I cannot tell you that from now, we should probably let the dust settle before we start making predictions. Although it would surprise me if the Trump presidency is as forgettable as the Van Buren one. Remember him, 1837-1841? Eighth president of the USA? No? My point exactly. He did sport some awesome hair though, HE looked caught in a whirlwind!

Anyway, we better wait to see what happens with Trump. Hope for the best and prepare for national disasters and rioting in the streets and all that. But I have decided that no matter who is president or which party is in charge it will not change how I treat people. If treating people, or certain groups of people, with respect became illegal tomorrow I would choose to go to jail. At least I hope I would, one never know how they might react under pressure. I like to imagine myself as someone who would bravely stand up to tyranny and demand that people act decently, but I would probably start sobbing at the threat of punishment. I always have been a rule follower. But I hope I am never tested in quite a way, though it might be good for me to see what exactly I am made of.

Regardless of what you think of the people currently in power please keep treating people with respect. Even the people you don’t understand or even like. If everyone had the same point of view as you did we would be living in a lopsided world. One that probably wouldn’t work because we need all types of people to ensure that we survive. We all need farmers, janitors, physicists, teachers, doctors, accountants, writers, and yes, even politicians. So listen to the people around you. If you cannot agree at least understand that they have reasons for their opinions and that they are probably as important to them as yours are to you. Be kind to others and respect them. Maybe, just maybe we can make this world better just by appreciating others.

But who says you need to listen to me right? This is just my spin on this great big beautiful messy thing we call LIFE.


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