Today was not a good day. Not by most people’s standards at least. Even though my day was full of setbacks and calamities I’m still in a pretty good mood. In fact, it’s the best mood I have been in all week.

Perhaps that sound contradictory to you, that my day was bad but my emotions are wonderful. I have found that it is when our world is falling apart that we can truly tell who our friends are. Perhaps that is a bit cliché but I supposed it must have become cliché for a reason. Really without those people who have proven to be true to me my day would have been disastrous.

My awful day started with a car that refused to start. It just simply refused. I had done my part as a responsible driver and put gas in the tank, checked the oil levels, checked the fluids, aired up the tires, and refrained from doing wheelies and such. It was not living up to its part of the bargain. No amount of sweet talk or threats could convince it to do its job. And I know very little about cars. I drive a stick shift but I have no idea what “turning over” sounds like or what “clicking” sounds mean. I can change a tire and the oil but if something goes wrong I am at the mercy of the people around me. And today those people came through.

It started with a complete stranger coming out of the Subway I was parked in front of telling me that it wasn’t the battery that was wrong. He told me if it was he could give me a jump-start and send me on my way but that the day would turn around, it wouldn’t all be bad. He is the one who made me laugh when I was on the verge of a panic attack and for that I am grateful. The next person I called was my father, because a girl calling her dad when her car breaks down seems to be the natural thing to do. He couldn’t do anything from one hundred miles away though, but it made me feel more secure that he knew what was going on. I called my sister next because I thought she was in town but alas, she had already left. The last person I called was my grandmother who was quick to come pick me up and take me to work. My coworkers commiserated with me and offered me rides home, even though my grandmother offered to take me. I had dozens of suggestions as to what might be wrong and what to do next. My grandmother took me to dinner and kept me from mulling on the problem with her stories about all the crazy drivers on the road today. And I had two friends who texted me wanting to know if everything was alright and how they could help.

All this to say that no one who helped me today HAD to. The people around us have every right to live their lives and not care one iota about anyone else. And several people walked by as I lifted my hood and tried to start my car and did not even glance in my direction.

But this is not about them.

This is about the wonderful people in our lives that care. The people who go out of their way to help us because they like and love us. The people who would go out in the rain to help us change a flat tire on the side of the highway or come to our house with a gallon of ice cream after a bad breakup at 3 in the morning or take time off work to go with us to a doctor’s appointment we are nervous about.

So to all the wonderful people who put others before their schedules and plans I say thank you. You have no idea how much you mean to those you help. Keep doing what you are doing because the world would be a much better place if there were more people like you.

So a bad day that revealed how many people I have to be thankful for can’t be called a bad day. I would call it a good one.

And now my dog just peed on the floor. Anyone want to help clean it up?




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