Tonight in Bible Study we took the DISC and 5 Love Languages tests. The DISC test is actually pretty cool, the D stands for Dominance, the I for Influence, the S for Steadiness, and the C for Conscientiousness.  Apparently I am an I (big surprise there, right) and a D (yeah, that seemed right) and I ranked close to none on C (details are so not my thing), and the best way I receive love is Quality Time (hey, let’s take a 2 hour drive and talk on our way to doing something together).

After the tests we talked about how useful this information is in our daily life and how this can be used to strengthen our relationships. It does help me understand some people better, even if their methods or thoughts sometimes frustrate me. But I also began to think about how we need all kinds of people to make this beautiful green and blue ball  work.

Think about it. If we were all exactly like me we would all be reading lots of fun articles and books for information that we then attempt to put into practice. While we might make the attempt we probably will not finish because we get distracted and/or bored and move on to something more immediately attractive. We know the theories of rocket science and pottery but never put in the amount of practice to get it perfect. We would also spend half our lives looking for the keys we put down 2 minutes ago, because we forgot where we put them this time and we never put them in the same place twice. That would be too easy.

We would not have physicists, or accountants, or mechanics, or plumbers. We would know everything about history and animals, but our cars would fall apart and we would still have outhouses. The world would probably stop spinning and dump us off, let’s be honest.

The truth is, we need people who are not at all like ourselves. I need the detailed oriented accountants. I need the hands on plumbers. I need the tireless truck drivers and the intelligent computer programmers. Without them my life would be so much worse than it is.

This doesn’t just apply to jobs. I need the person who can encourage me to actually finish a project. I need the person who can see a situation from a different point of view and effectively communicate it to me. I need the people who can tell exactly what people need emotionally and provide that need for them. I need the person who can tell me when I have spoken too much about a particular topic and do it in manner that doesn’t upset me. I need the person who actually thinks an idea through before going after it full speed. Because sometimes when I get an idea and go for it in under a minute it doesn’t turn out so well.

We need each other. We all have weaknesses so thank God that He created us with different strengths. If we were all alike, our world would fall apart; it is our differences that allow us to thrive. So learn about yourself, and learn about the people around you. You might need them more than you realize.

In the meantime, who’s up for a drive?


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