Hey You! Yes You! You can help make the world a better place! Isn’t that exciting! Wanna know how?

Step out of your comfort zone and volunteer at your local food pantry. Or give to your local food pantry. This is a good list of what to give if you aren’t sure. Not sure where the local food pantry is? Call your local church, they probably know of a few good places where you can donate your items or time.

Perhaps you are looking for a charity you can donate to, but aren’t sure which charities are actually using your money for good. Check out charitynavigator.org and see which ones are highly rated. The ones that I personally know and like are the following:

Children’s Resiliency Project – This charity works in South Africa providing homes for orphans affected by the AIDS epidemic. It is a really neat project, the founder spoke at my church a couple of months back.

Food for the Hungry – I actually am sponsoring a child through this charity. Food for the Hungry not only provides food, shelter, and clothing for those affected by natural disasters, they also allow you to sponsor a child so they can have access to steady food, education, clean water, and medical help.

Red River Valley Down Syndrome Society – This charity seeks to help those with Down Syndrome through education, awareness, and support.

CURE International – This is an organization that operates charitable hospitals around the world for children with severe conditions. If you have ever listened to Brant Hansen you will know of this charity.

Even if you do not have the resources to donate to these charities there are things you can do to make the world a little bit better. Offer to babysit for the single mom down the street so she can go grocery shopping without her kids, sit and talk to the elderly man who seems to be all alone. Visit the people in the nursing homes, write a note of appreciation and encouragement to a teacher, say please and thank you. Mentor a child who doesn’t have a good home life, teach what you are an expert in to someone who wants to learn.

One good thing you can do is give blood. I give through Carter BloodCare, it takes 30-45 minutes and can save up to 3 lives. It really is not all that frightening and it is needed desperately year round.

There are things we can all do to make this world better. You may not be curing cancer, but you can make small changes that, like a small stone thrown in the water, will cause ripples that you may never see or know. So be kind and caring. Be generous and loving. Be wise and thoughtful. Who knows how big of a difference you may make?


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