What motivates you? Is it fear? Enjoyment? A need to be right? A need to win? Security? Happiness? Love?

It is actually an important question when you think about it. Why do you do the things you do? If you do not know what motivates you how can you convince yourself to do anything? How can you achieve your dream if you cannot find the reason to put in the hard work?

The path to your dream is not going to be easy. If it were easy everyone would have all that they dreamed of. It’s easy when the passion is flowing and the steps seem to fall into place, but what about when you’re tired and the next step seems unsteady? Or you hit a plateau and you doubt that you will ever advance? Very few dreams are achieved in a short flurry of action, most take years to develop and require buckets of seat and tears before they do.

If you know what motivates you then during the plateau or the exhaustion you can still find a reason to keep moving towards your dream. If you can find the reason to keep putting in the hard work even when it seems it is hopeless then one day you may find yourself living your dream.Look at Harland Sanders, he founded KFC, but not until after he had failed. Failures are not a bad thing, you have to motivate yourself to move past them and learn from them.

Don’t allow failure to stop you. Do not do the same thing over and over expecting a different result (that is called insanity). Be determined to learn from your mistakes and failures.  Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it. Embrace the challenges. Challenge the status quo. On the things you are not sure of find a mentor. learn from their experience, and research the topics.

If you allow a failure to get to you, to discourage you, then you haven’t learned the lesson. Figure out why you failed. Skip the pity party and get down to the nitty-gritty task of finding the reason behind the failure. Read Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam and try to count the number of rockets they had blow up or fail. In the end each failure taught them how to change their design or process in order to succeed. And they kept their dream and motivation in front of them even when it seemed hopeless.

It takes work to achieve a dream. Talent and a bit of luck help, but they do not replace hard work. Without the work the dream can quickly fall apart. Find your reason to work hard, harder than you thought possible. Motivate yourself to stay longer, get up earlier, and do more than the others around you. Be prepared to be tired, hungry, bored, exhausted, and upset before you achieve what you want.

Remember what Colin Powell said

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

So what’s your reason to do the difficult things?



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