Doesn’t it amaze you that each and every person you meet all have unique, separate lives that you know almost nothing about? The person you pass in traffic is going to the job interview that they have been praying to get for months. That girl behind you in line is on her way to get ready for a date. That man ringing up your groceries will go home and order Chinese food. Each individual person you meet has their own life and goals and plans.

The fleeting moment they had with you may not even register with them tomorrow. You may never see that person ever again. The time you spend with them may be minuscule.

So is it important? Does it matter? Can you actually help someone in just one moment?

Well, let me ask you this.

How often has your day turned on one single moment? Whether good or bad? How many bad days were not really all bad, there was just a single moment when the floor dropped from under you. How many good days would have been pretty boring except for that one compliment or piece of good news? And has it ever been at the hands of a stranger, someone you most likely will never meet again? So one fleeting moment can really make a difference.

How much effort does it take to be courteous to people? Does it really take that much? If a few kind words or a smile can help make another person’s day better why would we not do something so simple?

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own issues that we lose sight of other people’s needs. That’s not to say our problems are not as important as other people’s, or that we can solve their problems, but sometimes we need to look outside ourselves. In fact, there are studies that indicate that by helping people we are actually helping ourselves!

So even if it is for a selfish reason, go out and cheer someone up today! You might make a difference and never know it.


In case you missed it check out what it’s like to be the one helped – People. Yes We Need Them.


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