I am very blessed to have awesome parents. That doesn’t mean that I was always an awesome daughter though. They put up with a lot from me. They also gave great advice that I promptly ignored. I should have listened to them and for that I am sorry.

They gave me advice like eat more vegetables and exercise more, things that would help me to not have to lose so much weight now. Don’t stay up so late and get up earlier than you need to, those would help me have more energy and get more things done. Cook at home and don’t eat out, that would have helped me save money.

Learn to change your own oil and check the fluids in your car, that would help me keep my car from running down. Don’t watch as much T.V., that would have saved me a lot of time. Save your money and don’t spend it all.

Don’t let the opinions of others determine who you are. Don’t let any guy treat you wrong. You are worth so much more than you will realize. Respect others and treat them right even when they do not do the same for you. Be courteous and kind to the people around you. Stay close to your family and pick your friends wisely.

If I had listened to them my life probably would have been easier. But better late than never, right?

So if you had great parents, thank them. If you didn’t, well, be a great parent to the kids you have. They’ll remember it, even if they don’t always listen.




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